Frequently Asked Questions

Are Congo Solid Wood guaranteed?

We stand 100-percent behind our products, which are guaranteed for six months after delivery. This includes refinishing and crack repair for SEW (Solid Engineered Wood) products. Refinishing or other maintenance work requested after this period will be charged. Please note that maintenance, repairs and/or replacements of third-party parts or accessories such as locks or pivots on doors will incur additional charges.

What is Congo Solid Wood’s return policy?

We believe that the value of our solid wood products does not depreciate over time. As such, you can trade-in your solid wood piece at any time for other Congo Solid Wood products of the same value as your piece’s buying price. This option becomes void if your piece sustains noticeable damage including warping, cracking or major dents, scratching, etc. Please note that, as mentioned earlier, this return policy only applies to solid wood products and excludes SEW products.