About Congo Solid Wood

With over 15 years of experience in the business, Congo Solid Wood has built a solid reputation for its choice of material and fine craftsmanship, along with its extensive range of products. Broadly speaking and based on their method of construction, pieces by Congo Solid Wood fall into two major categories.

Solid Wood

Exemplifying this group are Congo Solid Wood’s massive table tops. These are crafted from single blocks of wood, which beautifully showcases the dimensions of the timber along with the natural color and patterns of the wood.

Solid Engineered Wood

Combining refinement and reliability, Solid Engineered Wood retains the aesthetic qualities of natural solid wood while mitigating the most common problems plaguing it. In short, doors, panels, ceilings and furniture made from Solid Engineered Wood (or SEW) are much less likely to suffer from splitting, cracking and warping. The secret? SEW’s construction:

SEW pieces feature two layers of solid hardwood which form the outer layers while finger-jointed teak blocks form the middle part. These layers are then glued together using special adhesives and then pressed together using tens of tons of pressure to ensure that each panel becomes a single, cohesive construct. Congo Solid Wood also takes the extra step to ensure that the hardwood pieces forming the outer layer are properly aligned to create the impression of a single, continuous piece.

Finally, each SEW pieces is given a finishing coat. Two options are available. If aesthetics, longevity and ease of maintenance are the main priorities, then we employ an environmentally-friendly solvent-based polyurethane finish on the outer coating. Conversely, if a more natural - or "unfinished" - look is desired, we use a water-based coating. This option is also safer and noticeably odorless.