Custom Door

A house is only as good as its front doors. They stand as works of art in their own right, and offer a glimpse of what lies beyond.


(Solid Engineered Wood)

To combat the most common problems with wood products-namely splitting, cracking, and warping-Congo Solid Wood introduces SEW, Solid Engineered Wood.

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Multi Lock System

A Solid door requires a solid lock, To that end, Congo's solid wood doors are equipped with multi lock systems. These are known for being extremely secure, strong and corrosive-resistant, as well as allowing smooth and quiet operation. And finally, these locks also enhance the door's solid profile by ensuring a tight fit when locked.


Wherever a door meets a wall or gypsum, a strip of mohair is employed. This is especially helpful for frameless doors where the mohair fills the gap between the door and adjoining wall when the former is closed.

Pivot System

Normal hinges would not be able to support the massive weight of any of Congo's solid wood doors. As such, we employ a custom-made pivot system embedded into the floor below the door and in the upper part of the door frame. The use of this pivot system allows even our largest doors to swing smoothly and as light as a feather.


To further customize each door, CONGO also offers a wide selection of door handles. These are further divided according to size. Small handles can range from about 15 by 30 centimeters to 20 by 20, medium handles span around a third of a door’s height, while large handles span the entire door. Design-wise, the possible designs options are virtually limitless, and clients are more than welcome to submit their own ideas.


Without compromising on its practicality, finger grove handle offers effortless and cleaner look for the door as an alternative.


Another accessory to help you get the most of your solid wood door, mechanical door closers gives you added peace of mind as no doors will be inadvertently left open. This device also ensures that these heavy doors are closed gently.


A door is only as strong as the frame holding it up. Each of CONGO’s custom-made doors is fitted into a matching solid wood frame. These massive structures are made to last, and are complemented by exquisitely crafted architraves for a truly majestic sight.